Tag: Guardian


  • Aden Loredawn

    Aden is a soft-spoken elf who could easily be overlooked if he wasn't constantly around the other Guardians. He usually carries a large, beautiful tome with him that he looks into to view the future of Aviridar.

  • Cadell Farrek

    Cadell is the pretty boy of the Guardians. He and Yyrisi tend to be the faces of the Guardians, working with local governments and other organizations to make sure that the Guardians have all the support and information they need. He rarely seems taken …

  • Apasa Sunderfang

    Apasa is a gruff half-orc woman who struggles to maintain the demeanor of a Guardian. During particularly important meetings or events, she usually resorts to having Yyrisi enchant her with bonuses to her charisma. The rest of the time, she'd rather …

  • Yyrisi Bonemender

    Yyrisi is usually a calm and polite dwarf. However, she has short temper, which has gotten her into trouble in the past. Though Aden is a caster as well, most of the heavy lifting spell-wise is left up to Yyrisi.